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We sell some of the most unique and rare gemstones in North Carolina.


At Mosteller Diamonds & Gemstones, we sell some of the most unique and rare gemstones in North Carolina. If you have been looking for the perfect ruby, sapphire, or a rarer stone like alexandrite, tanzanite, or opal, we can help you find it. However, before you purchase a gemstone, we recommend that you inspect the stone thoroughly by:

  • Inspecting the gem’s color
  • Looking to see if the stone has any cracks or inclusions
  • Inspecting the stone using a magnifying glass to find any imperfections that could not be seen with the naked eye
  • Checking for transparency, or the amount of light that shines through the stone

At Mosteller Diamonds & Gemstones, we guarantee that our gemstones are some of the most unique stones you will be able to find in this country. We also pride ourselves on selling natural stones. This means that we do not treat the gemstones that we sell with oils or heat to create a finish that isn’t real. In fact, most of our gemstones have been mined from the rivers and mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee by none other than our company owner, Phillip Mosteller.

Our natural gemstones are the perfect addition to any piece of custom jewelry and will make others constantly ask you where you purchased your stones. Our gemstones can ship anywhere in the world, so if you are interested in finding the perfect stone for that special someone or for your own collection, contact us today!

*Prices subject to change without notice. Please call or fill out our contact form for an accurate quote



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