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October is the perfect time to learn about opals. Along with pink tourmaline, opal is the birthstone for this month and it is also used to celebrate the 14th year of marriage. There are many interesting things to learn about this unique stone and how it has gone from favored to feared and back again through history.

The opal was used in medieval times for a variety of benefits it was believed to have. Some thought it had the power of invisibility, which made it popular with thieves. Women believed the opal would protect their hair color from darkening or fading. It was also believed to protect eyesight and cure various diseases.

Unfortunately, one action by an unwitting author changed the popularity of the opal in the early 1800s. Sir Walter Scott was considered a genius author in his day and when he wrote a scene in his most popular book about the death of Lady Hermione due to water falling on her opal, the public then believed an opal was evil. Sales plummeted, along with prices, for decades afterward.

Thankfully, this finally changed, and the opal is back in favor. It is believed to amplify certain character traits, such as self-esteem, spontaneity, and creativity. It is also thought to intensify emotions and release inhibitions. On a physical note, opals are favored for easing childbirth, regulating insulin, prevention of poor health, boosting immunity to resist and treat infection, and improving memory. It is also believed to help those battling chemical dependencies.

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