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Uncut Amethyst In ancient Greek society, the amethyst was seen to have the power to help overcome overindulgence or addictive behavior by simply looking into the heart of the gemstone.  In current tradition, an amethyst is believed to provide you with quick wit, clear headedness and a sense of tranquility.  Acquiring an amethyst is one way to help you on your quest to greater peace of mind.

Once you’ve decided that you want to purchase an amethyst, the next choice you have is a cut or uncut amethyst.  While both types may help you in achieving the tranquility you desire, uncut amethyst may provide a few extra benefits to help you meet this goal.  For example, if you are interested in increasing your financial tranquility, you may want to purchase uncut amethyst and then have it cut into smaller pieces which you can resell.  Just remember that this can be a somewhat risky proposition if the amethyst becomes damaged during the cutting.

Another money-making idea is to purchase an uncut amethyst and make it into handmade jewelry, which you can then sell online on websites that specialize in handmade items, such as Etsy.  If you are simply interested in personal tranquility, you may want to purchase a piece of uncut amethyst to add to your collection.  That way, you can pull out the amethyst whenever you need a little bit of calm in your life.

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