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Topaz JewelryAlong with citrine, topaz is one of November’s birthstones. It is relatively affordable and comes in a dazzling array of colors. So you can start dropping hints about being gifted a big piece of topaz jewelry in the color of your choice, without feeling greedy! And guys, if you’re shopping for a November girl, there are plenty of options. For more info on these richly colored gemstones, read on.

A hard silicate mineral, topaz gets its color from defects or impurities in its crystal structure, which transforms it into glorious shades of pink, violet, brown, green, red and blue. Topaz can also be colorless and then heated to create beautiful blue gems – blue topaz is not usually natural; it obtains its color through treatment. The most expensive and valuable shade is orange with pink undertones, named Imperial topaz after the 19th Century Russian Tsars.

Citrine is a quartz stone with golden hues ranging from deep brownish orange to pale yellow. It’s often called the ‘healing quartz’ because the ancients believed it promotes energy and vitality in whoever wears it. And according to feng shui, the Chinese philosophy, citrine creates abundance and wealth. While we can’t guarantee wealth and health will come with your purchase, we do know that brilliant citrine or topaz jewelry will make a treasured gift for any November-born lady!

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