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Ever wondered which gemstones for sale are the best of the best? Which ones are the hardest to find? What makes them unique and why are they so rare?

Get the lowdown on the rarest gemstones for sale and see why they are the most desired precious stones. Here are the top ten to make the list, not necessarily in order of rarity:

  1. gemstones for saleRed Diamonds: It is not known how many red diamonds exist, but the number is guessed to be around 50. The red color is caused by nitrogen being present in the formation of the diamond.
  2. Jeremejevite: Often light blue, yellow, or clear, this gemstone comes in obelisk shape and was first found in Siberia.
  3. Black Opal:More valuable than diamonds, black opal has been desired from early on in the history of the world. Black opals have a semi-black body and contain varying colors.
  4. Red Beryl Emerald: Also known as bixbite, this is found in Utah and New Mexico and can be worth a thousand times more than gold.
  5. Grandidierite: A bluish greenish white gemstone that was found in Madagascar…only one is known to have been found.
  6. Musgravite: This gem is in the taaffeite family and is most often a purple color. It was first found in Australia and there were only 8 stones as of 2005. More have since been discovered.
  7. Blue Garnet: This changes color from blue-green to purple, depending on the light, and was first found in Madagascar.
  8. Serendibite: Discovered in Sri Lanka in 1902, this gemstone is cyan colored.
  9. Jadeite: A very rare type of jade, jadeite is found in Burma and can range in hues of green.
  10. Painite:Though more specimens have recently been discovered, painite is still one of the rarest gemstones in the world. You can identify it by its brownish-reddish-orange color and hexagon shape.

Other rare gemstones for sale include the more attainable alexandrite, tanzanite, and opals. Alexandrite is a recently discovered stone that was named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, since it was found there during his reign. Opals, the national gemstone of Australia, can be found in many different hues. Tanzanite is a bluish purple gemstone found only in a small geographical area of Tanzania. If you are looking for a rare gemstone, contact Mosteller American Gemstones today.