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The Many Shapes of GemstonesGemstones, like many things in life, are most appreciated for their uniqueness. Not only can gemstones come in as many colors as you could ever imagine, but there are also many different shapes that a gemstone can be cut into. The overall rough and uncut size of the gemstone will determine the shape it is cut into. Some popular cuts include:

  • Round Brilliant — The round brilliant cut was typically done with a diamond, but is now popular with all gemstones. It is designed to make the stone really sparkle and scintillate.
  • Oval Cut — This egg-shaped gemstone cut is best when proportioned 2:1, length to width. When cut properly, it really gives the gemstone a fiery look, making it a good choice for a ruby.
  • Baguette Cut — The baguette cut is basically a fancy way for saying rectangular. A baguette cut has around 20 facets and works best with gemstones that are a little rougher, such as tourmaline.
  • Square Cut — A square cut gemstone is step cut, meaning each side is cut in steps, making a pyramid-type shape, and then the top is cut off to be able to place it in jewelry.
  • Trilliant Cut — A trilliant cut is basically a triangular shape, though there are some modifications available, such as rounded or sharp edges. A trilliant cut is a good option for light-colored gemstones, such as white sapphires or aquamarines.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cutting gemstones. At Mosteller American Gemstones, we are able to find the perfect cut, shape and gemstone for you, all placed in your favorite piece of jewelry. Contact us by phone or email to discuss our many options available.