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September is the Month for Sapphires – Learn About Sapphire Necklaces

Every month’s birthstone has an interesting history, believed powers, and potential health benefits, and September’s sapphire is no exception. Although the most common sapphire you think of is the traditional royal blue variety, sapphires come in a multitude of colors. In fact, the only color not present in sapphires is red. Sapphire necklaces are a common gift for those born in September and others often wear it during September for the various potential powers it may have.

Sapphires are believed to help channel higher powers, but at the same time can help with self-discipline by helping you focus your mind. Many ancient civilizations used sapphires for their perceived power when worshipping in order to reach spiritual enlightenment. It was not uncommon for early Christian kings to wear sapphire rings. Sapphires were also common in tiaras and crowns. In more modern history, you’ll note that Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a sapphire engagement ring, and later Prince William gave that same ring to Kate Middleton.

Because sapphires are second only to diamonds in hardness, they are used in many products, including watches and electronics. Synthetic sapphires were developed more than a century ago and are used for these applications in many cases. A top-quality sapphire is a very rare gem, so it makes sense that it would be beneficial to create a synthetic duplicate for these applications.

Although there is interest in the other colors of sapphires, the beauty of the royal blue makes it most common for sapphire necklaces. If you know someone who appreciates sapphires or has a birthday in September, you’ll find the perfect gift here at Mosteller American Gemstones. Check out our gemstone gallery for sapphire necklaces, as well as cut and uncut stones that we currently have available.