Famous people throughout history have loved sapphiresSapphires are known for their deep blue hue, amongst other things. Often referred to as pieces of the ocean or sky in their history, sapphires are thought to be a great source of wisdom, healing and even protection from poison and snakes. If you consider sapphires to be some of your favorites in the world of gemstones, you have some famous company. Here are a few fun facts for you to consider when it comes to these blue beauties.

Famous people throughout history have loved sapphires, and many believed them to have magical powers. While most recently in history, a large sapphire ring was given by Prince Charles to Lady Diana, there are many other times when royalty and other famous individuals were known for their sapphires. Ivan the Terrible, King Solomon, Helen of Troy and Empress Josephine (wife to Napoleon Bonaparte) were all said to have loved the stone and had certain sapphires that they favored.

Sapphires are not actually all blue! Many people don’t realize that sapphires come in a wide variety of colors from yellows to oranges to pinks and purples. Made from the same materials, there are few differences between rubies and sapphires elementally, but the color distinguishes them from one another.

Located just below a diamond in terms of gem-hardness, sapphires are a strong stone that doesn’t scratch easily, which might be why they were thought to offer protection. Here at Mosteller American Gemstones, we have a selection of sapphires, cut and uncut, for your consideration. Please contact us today to learn more about these blue (or sometimes not blue) beautiful stones.