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rubiesThe captivating and fiery ruby is the stone of nobility and considered to be the most magnificent gem – the stone of kings and the queen of stones. Ancients believed that its value exceeded that of the diamond, and it surpassed all other stones in terms of virtue.

Revered throughout history in many cultures, ruby jewelry has been a talisman of prosperity, protection and passion. It symbolizes the sun, and its gleaming hue represents an inextinguishable flame that legends claim could not be hidden and it would even shine through the thickest clothing.

Ruby jewelry was worn to ward off pestilence and plague, kept the body safe, warned the wearer of pending danger, and banished foolish thoughts and sadness. It would bring peace to its owner, drive frightening dreams away, help resolve disputes and restrain lust.

Today, the metaphysical properties of ruby jewelry are no less astounding. This stunning crystal exudes a vibrancy that’s unsurpassed in the world of minerals. Even in modern times, its powers are linked to an increase in vitality and the life-force energy, chi, throughout the body and spirit. It is said to clear the mind, increase motivation and concentration, and bring a sense of power to the wearer – a determination and self-confidence that conquers timidity and paves the way for achievement and prosperity.

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