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Garnet BirthstonesThe birthstone for January is the fabulous garnet. Would you believe that this gem obtained its name from a pomegranate seed? Well, if you compare the color of garnet with the blush red of a pomegranate seed, you can easily see why.

If red isn’t your color, no problem! You still have the option to choose another color because garnet birthstones come in green, purple, yellow and pink, as well as earthy hues of black, gray and brown. The green garnet is especially precious since it is considered to be a gem that connoisseurs love for its beauty and brilliance. These stones are rare, so if you find yourself on the receiving end of one, value it with your life – you’ll be one of an elite group of owners.

Another variety of garnet birthstones is known as the “color change,” which changes color from fall tones of orange, yellow and brown in the daylight, to sunset colors of purple-pink under artificial lighting.

Garnet birthstones are not just given to celebrate January birthdays, but they are also often given as 2nd wedding anniversary gifts. Because the common garnet is red in color, and red is the symbol of blood, it is believed that garnets have the power to increase blood flow and to boost healing. Throughout history, it has also been given as a gift to show affection for the recipient.

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