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natural gemstonesIn today’s world of advanced technological breakthroughs, it seems that man has found a way to create an imitation of almost everything nature has to offer. Take gemstones, for example. These naturally occurring beautiful stones are now being mimicked in a lab and marketed as their original namesakes. Synthetic sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and even diamonds are advertised as quality alternatives to natural gemstones. The synthetic stones are often just as durable as their natural counterparts and tout their lack of imperfections (due to the controlled growing environment) and low prices as a way to hook consumers.

True collectors and admirers will not be sucked in by the commercialization of gemstones; they realize that by creating perfect, synthetic stones, these marketers are really missing the point. What makes natural gemstones desirable and of so much worth is the simple miracle of their existence. Nature must work together in just the right way to produce a stone of beauty and durability. The rareness of natural gemstones is what makes them have value. Natural gemstones are unique; you know that when you purchase one, there is no other like it in the world. So let the laboratory scientists keep their cookie-cutter synthetic gemstones; for a beautiful gemstone truly of worth, only choose from what nature has to offer you.