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Throughout history, there have been powers and abilities associated with the many gemstones our planet has to offer. Topaz is no exception and has had many uses over the years because of the attributes it is believed to have. Here are a few of the believed powers and characteristics, both from history and current day.

  • Eyesight – The mystic St. Hildegard of Bingen used topaz for failing eyesight in the mid-1200s. The topaz was steeped in wine for three days after which it was lightly rubbed over the eyes. It is still believed to improve eyesight.
  • Addiction Control – Topaz is believed to aid with sex addictions by controlling lust.
  • Insanity and Plague Cure – In the past it was believed you could wear topaz around your neck to cure insanity or cure the plague. In modern times, topaz is believed to be effective for treating infections and fever.
  • Sleep – Those suffering from nightmares or other sleep disorders believe topaz helps provide a more restful sleep and pleasant dreams.
  • Emotional and Character Benefits – There are many emotional and character benefits attributed to topaz, including calming temperament, sharpening wit, dispelling cowardice, and promoting fidelity.
  • Travel – Topaz has long been carried by travelers in the belief it will protect them from danger and homesickness.
  • Chest – In Ancient Rome, topaz was believed to prevent chest illnesses. It has also been credited with avoiding heart disease and blood issues by regulating the heart’s actions and improving circulation.
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain – Topaz is thought to ease inflammation and control the discomfort and pain associated with joint pain and arthritis.
  • Digestive – Those combatting anorexia, a slow metabolism or diminished taste might try topaz for its believed digestive benefits.

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