Peridot Earrings are the Perfect Gift for August Birthdays

Peridot Earrings are the Perfect Gift for August Birthdays

Peridot is the birthstone for those born in the month of August. However, before this stone was added, the original birthstone for August was sardonyx. Either one of these makes a delightful gift, but peridot is the most traditional and now the primary choice.

The peridot may be tied to the Greek word peridona which translates as “plenty” and fits perfectly to a gemstone that is associated with good fortune and prosperity. In addition to these associations, peridot is also believed to guard against evil so that happiness and peacefulness prevail. In the past, parents have planned to have August babies in the belief they would be always fortunate.

If you are lucky enough to have an August-born person in your life, you may also benefit from their fortune, and to celebrate that with peridot earrings is a great way to show your appreciation for their generosity, which they are often quite prone to. Additionally, some people believe the peridot can ward off nightmares, so keeping a pair of peridot earrings near the bed could be helpful.

Unlike other gems, the peridot comes in only one color, although there can be varying shades. It gets its color from the mineral it is composed of, rather than from trace impurities, which is the case with other gemstones.

Here at Mosteller American Gemstones, we do not know how true the beliefs about the peridot are, but we do offer cut and uncut peridot birthstones, as well as peridot earrings that will make a great gift for yourself or someone else. Check out our gemstone gallery to see what we currently have available and contact us with any questions you may have.