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Opal Imagine holding a prism up to the light.  What do you see?  You see a rainbow of colors that is caused by the refraction of the light as it passes through the prism.  If you are intrigued by this ability to create your own rainbow simply by holding a special piece of glass correctly up to the window, you may be interested to know about an uncommon gemstone that can also display a wide variety of colors in a single stone.

While all gemstones are beautiful and have the ability to bring pleasure to the eye, if you are a lover of the unique or uncommon, an opal will provide you with the greatest satisfaction.  Opals are unique in that they provide the wearer with a variety of colors to enjoy, rather than only one.  When gazing upon an opal, you may see milky white or black mixed with other colors such as orange, yellow, green, red and blue.  The astounding beauty of the opal comes from the interplay of the background with the other colors present.  Due to the way that opals are formed, each opal is unique, meaning that when you own an opal, there will not be another one identical to it anywhere in the world.  This is what makes it attractive to those who love the uncommon.

At Mosteller American Gemstones, we sell a variety of opal stones.  We know that if you are a serious gem collector, you want gemstones of the highest value, which is why we offer you gemstones which have not been heated or oiled in any way, thereby making them highly valuable.  If you are interested in acquiring a one of a kind opal, contact us today.