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Opal JewelryThe glorious gemstone, opal, was given the honor of being the birthstone for October. It is loved by many people because it is the one stone that has all the colors of the rainbow, resembling an artist’s palette bringing them all together.

Legend has it that Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, wore magnificent opal jewelry to attract the ruler of Rome, Mark Anthony. And Queen Victoria of Britain was a passionate collector of opal gemstones. She was also one of the many monarchs to wear crowns encrusted with opal gems to protect themselves against enemies and evil. Other nations believed that wearing opal jewelry brought great wealth because of its spectrum of colors. The stone was therefore considered lucky.

One of the opals named for its color is fire opal. Exuding fiery warmth, these orange-red gemstones obtain their vivacious colors from traces of oxide that quartz contains. The colors can range between red and orange, orange and yellow, and yellow. It has a relatively high content of water, so some caution is necessary with fire opal. However, it has the ability to glean moisture from the air and human skin, which maintains the water balance. Therefore opal jewelry will thrive on being worn, provided it doesn’t come into contact with cosmetics and perfumes.

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