Natural Amethyst: Your Next Gemstone Purchase

NATURAL GEMSTONESYou are likely familiar with the beautiful and well-known natural amethyst. Its brilliant purple color sets it apart from other gemstones and makes it a highly desirable gemstone. Amethysts range in color from pale red-violet to a deep violet. Generally speaking, the deeper violet colors are more desirable compared to the paler hues since the purple color is what the natural amethyst is known for.

With the advancement of technology, more synthetic gemstones are on the market today than ever before. While synthetic gemstones can be an acceptable copy if you can’t afford to purchase a natural amethyst, investing in a true natural amethyst is well worth it. No matter how good the synthetic amethyst is, it won’t look like a natural amethyst even to the average consumer. Synthetic amethysts are not as hard as natural amethysts and they do not refract light, so they don’t have the typical sparkle you would expect from a gemstone.

Amethysts are available in virtually any cut, shape, and size, so you can find the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection. However, because of the color distribution, natural amethyst is most often cut into brilliant rounds or ovals to offer the best display of color. Natural amethysts that are cut into unique shapes are often some of the best color specimens available on the market because the color saturation must be excellent to still stand out in the unique cut.

Natural amethyst is a beautiful gemstone and we know you’ll love adding one to your collection! For more information about our selection, contact us today.