Peridot is a gem that is light to olive-green in color

There are many origin stories to our gemstones. While we don’t know exactly how these crystals align nicely to create different types of gems, the stories of folklore and legend are sometimes more interesting and enjoyable! Peridot is a gem that is light to olive-green in color, is relatively hard on the MOHS scale of hardness, and has long been thought to have mystical powers. Given that peridot is the only gem to be made into jewelry from a meteor, maybe the mystics of old weren’t too far off!

Meteors are an unlikely source of gems to those who don’t realize that is what they can contain. However, the difference between these gems and peridot is that the other crystals were never substantial enough to be set into jewelry. This changed in 1749, when a meteorite landed in Siberia with intact peridot crystals large enough to be made into jewels. Considering that peridot is often to have protective and healing powers, how much more would these properties be magnified when wearing the gems that came from a meteorite?

Here at Mosteller Diamonds & Gemstones, we love the rich history that complements the rich colors and backstories of our gemstones. We have a wide variety of gems that you can choose your own gemstones from, including a variety of peridot gems.  If you are looking for a unique piece of stunning jewelry, choosing peridot will give you unique jewelry you won’t see on everyone else. To learn more about these gems that we have here at Mosteller Diamonds & Gemstones, please contact us today.