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Thinking of starting a new hobby? Try making jewelry out of rough gemstones. Rough gemstones are natural stones that have not been processed by man. Many gemstones undergo treatments such as being heated and oiled to cover any flaws or imperfections. Rough gemstones are untouched, uncut, and untreated, so they retain their original value. With rough gemstones, you can decide how to finish them or if you even want a finish. This can lead to beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Here’s what you need to do to get started with your new hobby:

  1. rough gemstonesPurchase rough gemstones. If you are looking for specific stones, contact Mosteller American Gemstones via phone or email. Even rare stones can be located for you.
  2. Use a rock tumbler to produce smooth gemstones. Make sure you do your research and follow the instructions for each gemstone, as each stone varies in softness. Geology News and Information has a section on their website devoted to rock tumblers and polishing.
  3. Research stone cutting, and invest in materials to help you cut your gemstones. There are some great books available on stone cutting that provide specific instructions for how to prepare gemstones for jewelry, including how to cut, facet, and polish the stones. Some even have step by step instructions for DIY projects.
  4. Create jewelry with your gemstones, whether you leave them rough or decide to polish and cut them. Jewelry making tools are available online or even at your local Walmart. You can find many great ideas for inspiration on jewelry-making blogs. Check out this blog with a bunch of ideas using rough stones.   This gemstone necklace featured on a German blogger’s page is a simple but sophisticated example of how you could use your rough gemstones.