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Sapphire JewelryOne of the most coveted gemstones of all time is sapphire – the birthstone for those born in September. It’s steeped in legend and lore, and this magnificent blue-hued stone has been used for embellishment since ancient times. Sapphire jewelry is said to symbolize faith, power and wisdom. It is also associated with the zodiac sign, Virgo.

Signifying sincerity, faithfulness and truth, sapphire was worn by priests in the Middle Ages to ward off temptation and impure thoughts. The stone is also thought to promote good health, and boost clairvoyance and intuition. In addition, it was incorporated in royal ornaments as a sign of wise and pure reign. Legend has it that sapphire jewelry develops a positive attitude in the wearer and gives a sense of inner peace.

Gemologists have placed sapphire in the category of precious stones, along with diamond, ruby and emerald. This birthstone is evaluated according to its origin and other factors such as cut, size, clarity and color. The value of blue sapphire is determined on its primary blue colors. Secondary hues of purple and violet are favorable, and superior in quality to those with a green hue. Like diamonds, sapphire is cut in various facets to bring out the innate brilliance of sapphire jewelry. Even when set with other stones, its beauty stands out.

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