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The tradition of having a gemstone correspond to the month you were born (aka birthstones) has been around for generations. In fact, the practice dates back to Biblical times when each of the 12 tribes of Israel was represented by a gemstone on the high priest’s breastplate. Many cultures throughout history have attributed benefits to the wearing of these stones or even assigned attributes to those born in the months corresponding with the birthstones.

The Legend and Meaning of Birthstones

So what do birthstones mean? Take a look and decide if you agree with what your birthstone says about you:

  • birthstonesJanuary—Garnet—You are constant, faithful, and full of love.
  • February—Amethyst—People born in February are thought to be peaceful and sincere.
  • March—Aquamarine—You will have good health, courage, and hope.
  • April—Diamond—Invincibility, innocence, and eternal love are associated with this birthstone.
  • May—Emerald—You are faithful and successful.
  • June—Pearl or moonstone—Those born in June should have good health and stable relationships.
  • July—Ruby—Wisdom and contentment are attributes of ruby birthstones.
  • August—Peridot—You will have happiness and a successful marriage.
  • September—Sapphire—Dignity and clear thinking are traits of those with September birthdays.
  • October—Opal—You are creative and full of hope.
  • November—Yellow topaz or citrine—People born in November are strong and show complete fidelity.
  • December—Turquoise or blue topaz—December birthdays are blessed with good luck and prosperity.