June’s Birthstone, the Pearl, is the Only Gem from the Sea

June’s Birthstone, the Pearl, is the Only Gem from the Sea

If you are looking for the ideal gift for someone born in the month of June, you can’t go wrong with one of the birthstones for this month. You have three choices actually – pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. While all other birthstones are from the land, the beloved pearl comes from the sea, making it extra special and unique.

The nice thing about pearls is that they are a classic. You never have to worry about your selection going out of style and becoming forgotten. Pearls have a way of being handed down from one generation to the next, especially when they are of quality.

There are two types of pearls, natural and cultured. It is a common misconception that cultured means manufactured. The truth is that both types are formed in a mollusk shell. The difference between natural and cultured is that with natural pearls, the irritant around which the pearl is formed happened by chance, but with cultured, it was inserted by a person on a special farm to get the process started.

Even cultured pearls are valuable because it is not a perfected science – it can take thousands of pearls in order to find enough perfect ones to make one necklace. Natural pearls are extremely costly because they are very rare.

What you want to look for with pearl birthstones is a beautiful shine and a completely smooth surface. Pearls can be round, pear-shaped, oval or even a bit misshapen.

At Mosteller American Gemstones, we offer a wide variety of birthstones that make a great gift for someone else or yourself. You don’t have to stick with whatever birthstone signifies your birth month, as many people enjoy wearing each month’s stone in the appropriate month. It is said to provide healing powers to do so. Visit our gemstone gallery to see what we currently have in stock, with both cut and uncut birthstones to suit your needs.