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Blue zircon is an alternative birthstone for December and an ideal substitute for the other two options, tanzanite and turquoise. There are many interesting tidbits about zircon that you can learn so you can present your gift with a bit of conversation, so the recipient better understands how unique this gemstone is.

  • Zircon is a durable stone with a Moh hardness rating of 7.5. Since not as hard as other gemstones, such as diamonds and sapphires, care should be taken to avoid abrasions and chipping.
  • The color of zircon can be changed with heat treatment providing you with a wide variety of options and transparencies.
  • Zircon is not cubic zirconia and should not be confused with the laboratory-grown diamond imitation.
  • There are many benefits associated with zircon, including help in achieving goals, bringing about prosperity, increasing self-confidence, love of self and others, improved sleep, wisdom, and motivation.
  • Much of zircon mining is done in Australia but the gem is also found in Thailand, Canada, Cambodia, Myanmar, Madagascar, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.
  • Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth and is found within igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and sedimentary rocks, as well as commonly in sand.
  • Although it was named for the Persian word ‘zargun,’ meaning gold-colored, zircon comes in a variety of colors, including a colorless variety which is the most popular because it looks like diamonds.

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