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While the garnet is a treasured gift as the birthstone for January and to celebrate a 2nd, 6th, and 19th wedding anniversary, its use dates back centuries. It is a testament to its durability that garnets have been found that were in use as far back as 3000 BC. Unlike other gemstones that tottered back and forth from favored to feared, the garnet has been revered throughout history. Here are a few of the historical beliefs and uses for the garnet past and present:

  • Bohemia (now a part of Czechoslovakia) enjoyed a rich garnet industry and the area is still known for amazing garnet jewelry
  • The King of Saxony was believed to have owned a garnet over 465 carats.
  • Garnets were popular for jewelry during the Victorian era
  • The popularity of pomegranates and garnets has often been linked, including in Old Spain.
  • Garnet is a plentiful stone and is cherished for its luster and broad spectrum of colors.
  • In medieval times, the garnet was believed to protect against nightmares, aid with liver diseases, cure depression, and treat hemorrhages. It was also thought to guard children from drowning and treat poisoning.
  • Religious mentions of the garnet include a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, the illumination in the Moslem Fourth Heaven, and one of the 12 gems in Aaron’s breastplate.
  • On a romantic note, garnets are used to protect a loved one when traveling and to heal a broken relationship. It is not just traveling, however, that the garnet is believed to do, as it is thought to be a protective talisman against disease and harm.
  • There are many healing properties associated with garnets, including countering melancholy, treating the heart, treating inflammation, and overall health preservation. Mental and emotional benefits include self-esteem, devotion, faith, truthfulness, fidelity, passion, friendship, and energy. Some believe the powers of the garnet can only be experienced with an uncut, natural stone.

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