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sapphireAccording to the U.S. Geological Survey, a precious gemstone must be beautiful, durable, and rare. There are only a few stones in the world that qualify as precious gemstones: one of those is the sapphire.

Sapphire is an extremely strong and durable gem, second only to the diamond. This makes it an excellent choice for jewelry, as you can be sure that it won’t be scratched in day-to-day wear. Sapphire is known for its brilliant royal blue color, but it is found in nature in many different colors, including (but not limited to): purple, orange, white, yellow, and pink. It also is found in varying shades of blue. The sapphire represents the faithfulness, fidelity, and sincerity of its wearer. Due to its incredible physical strength and traditional meaning, it is a perfect selection for an engagement ring.

It is believed that the sapphire will lend healing powers and other benefits to its wearer, including:

  • Tranquility, happiness, and peace of mind.
  • Anciently, it was used as a cure for eye problems, wounds, seizure, and fever.
  • Worn on a ring, it is said to bring empathy and make its wearer wise.
  • Fighting paralysis, bone cancer, and issues with the nervous system.
  • Prosperity, health, and children.
  • Warding off danger or accidents-especially from natural disasters or when traveling.