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birthstonesBirthstones are often given as a gift to symbolize the month someone was born in. These gemstones are even mentioned in the Bible, and in Exodus 28: 17-20, details are actually given about the 12 zodiac symbols and the 12 gemstones that appeared on The Breastplate of Aaron.

In ancient times, people believed that gemstones came from the heavens, and when worn, they were thought to be lucky and had a great influence on the wearer. The custom of wearing birthstones originated during the 18th Century in Poland, when it was traditional for everyone to own all 12 of them, each of which would be worn every month to have positive influence all year round.

Today, birthstones are still linked to the Gregorian calendar months, but each has its own unique gemstone with its own fabled characteristics.

  • Garnet: January
  • Amethyst: February
  • Aquamarine: March
  • Diamond: April
  • Emerald: May
  • Pearl/Alexandrite: June
  • Ruby: July
  • Peridot: August
  • Sapphire: September
  • Opal/Tourmaline: October
  • Topaz/Citrine: November
  • Turquoise/Tanzanite/Zircon: December

Many people like wearing jewelry set with their birthstones because the ancient meanings linked to the stones still fascinate them. Giving a person an item of jewelry with their birthstone set in it is always a poignant gift. Whether it’s a ring, a brooch or a pendant, they will treasure it forever because it has real significance and meaning.

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