Rubies are generally symbolic of powerWith its vivid red color, it is not surprising that the rubies of the world have an interesting past! Once thought to grow from trees as small white crystals, only turning red when they were ready for picking, rubies have an interesting history in both folklore and recorded history. Rubies are generally symbolic of power, and therefore many rubies have had famous and powerful caretakers. Here at Mosteller American Gemstones, we love the vibrant reds that this gem has and would love to share with you some of the more famous rubies that have been discovered and, when applicable, where they can be seen.

  • The Liberty Bell Ruby. The largest ruby ever mined, this whopping four-pound gem was carved to resemble a miniature Liberty Bell. Adorned with fifty diamonds surrounding the bell, this 8,500-carat ruby is believed to be worth upwards of $2 million dollars. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to see this gem anywhere, as it was stolen in an actual jewel heist in 2011 and never found again.
  • The DeLong Star Ruby. There are certain rubies that form in conjunction with titanium crystals. When polished, these gems release their “stars” of titanium that are beautiful to see. Located in New York City at the Natural History Museum, this gem is a must-see.
  • The Black Prince’s Ruby. This large, uncut ruby is a centerpiece of the Crown Jewels and is located for public viewing in London, England. This historic gem has been part of the Royal Family’s possession since the 1300s!

We at Mosteller American Gemstones love all rubies, famous or otherwise. Contact us today to learn about the rubies we have available for you.