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Natural GemstonesMost jewelry that you can find in stores has been altered or enhanced in some way. Although this isn’t always a bad thing, you should do a little research before you buy natural gemstones to make sure that treatments haven’t been applied.

There are a few ways natural gemstones are treated. These include:

  • Heat and radiation. This method is commonly used to enhance the color of a gemstone.
  • Diffusion. When a gemstone is diffused, the main goal is to deepen its color.
  • Oil and waxes. These substances fill in the imperfections of a stone.
  • Laser drilling. This can improve the clarity of a gemstone and remove inclusions.
  • Fracture filling. During this process, the gems are coated with an epoxy resin that fills in cracks and makes the stone more durable.

When you’re shopping for natural gemstones, any disclosure that the gem has been treated in some way is a big hint that the gem isn’t completely natural.

Are These Treatments Permanent?

Not every gemstone treatment is permanent. For example, heat can cause permanent changes in some types of stones, but only temporary alterations in others.

One way to ensure your natural gemstones haven’t been enhanced is to buy them from a company you can trust. At Mosteller American Gemstones, all of our gemstones are cut naturally and haven’t been altered in any way before they get to you. Instead of tirelessly hunting for natural gemstones, leave it to us to find you stones that are still in their original and beautiful state!