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Choosing your engagement ring can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make–right up there with choosing the person who comes with that ring. So do you just go along with whatever the fashion is at the moment? No, your ring should be completely you. And thanks to your many options when it comes to gemstones, you can create an engagement ring as unique and individual as you are.

Engagement rings with colored gemstones are distinct yet elegant. The appeal of sapphires and emeralds is showcasedin the engagement rings of both Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana. Sapphires are an especially great alternative to diamonds, if you are worried about the strength of your gemstone. Sapphires are extremely durable and fit for everyday use. Sapphires naturally occur in many different colors, so you can choose one that you love.

Although other gemstones would require more care and delicacy if placed in engagement rings, they remain viable options that would add warmth and style. Consider the royal elegance of an amethyst or the slight touch of color in rose quartz or aquamarine.

No matter the color or setting you are looking for in a ring, Mosteller American Gemstones can deliver. Contact us today to discuss your perfect gemstone ring.