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50-Emerald Jewelry – A Symbol of Faithfulness, Friendship and Loyalty-510537761The emerald gemstone, coveted immemorially by royalty, is the birthstone for the month of May. Its glistening green hues symbolize a renewal and revitalization of life, likened to the lush hues of the spring season.

It has also been said that emerald represents faithfulness, friendship and loyalty. Since ancient times, it was believed that it could bestow prosperity on the wearer, good health, foresight, and an increase in intuitive capabilities. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, had a deep fascination and admiration for emerald jewelry, and during her reign, she claimed ownership of all Egypt’s emerald mines.

Another belief is that this regal birthstone signifies wisdom and patience. For those born in the month of May, wearing emerald jewelry is said to balance and enhance their energies and grant the wearer happiness. The color of this natural gemstone covers a spectrum from light green hues to deep, gorgeous greens. Because emeralds are fairly sensitive, they can lose their color if heated too much. They have natural inclusions – even those of superior quality. In fact, an emerald that has no inclusions may be suspect and even considered artificial.

Emeralds are known for their shades of green, however red stones do occur naturally and are extremely rare. Being so difficult to find, red emerald jewelry is highly prized.

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