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SapphireIf you are an avid reader of books, it is highly likely that you have come across the mention of a sapphire in your reading.  Many fictional books give the sapphire magical qualities, taking it from a gemstone sought after for its beauty to one that is a hunted magical treasure.  It is almost certain that the authors of these fictional stories have probably been inspired in their writing by the history of the sapphire.

Historically, the sapphire was seen as a symbol of wisdom and purity.  It was also believed that the sapphire could be a protection against poison—this is probably where the authors first imagined it having magical properties.  In Medieval times, people associated the sapphire with heaven, while today many people believe that it will protect your loved ones from envy or harm.  Although not everyone agrees on what benefits the sapphire will bring, all can agree on its beauty and allure.

Sapphires are made up of the mineral corundum.  This mineral is found in all of the colors of the rainbow, and all of these gems, save one, are known as sapphires.  The corundum color that is not identified as a sapphire is the ruby, which means that rubies and sapphires are closely related.

The most popular color of sapphire is a deep blue, which has a sparkling brilliance that can lighten your soul.  When you give a sapphire as a gift, it symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness. With so many alluring characteristics, it is easy to see why it is a popular choice for engagement rings.

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