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Shopping for loose gems has not always been one of the easiest tasks—it is not as if each town has a local gem store with these offerings. Luckily, the internet has provided an open door for collectors to have easy access to gemstones. As always, you need to be careful when shopping online, and make sure that you are staying far away from scam artists. To make sure you are choosing a reputable gemstone dealer, check for the following details:

  • Gemstone DealerContact Dealer: If the gemstone dealer provides personal contact information, such as a business name, phone number, email, or address, you can feel more assured that he is planning to stick around and be available for any questions or concerns you may have. Be wary if the dealer does not want to offer any personal information or has no online presence.
  • Natural High-Quality Gems: Check to make sure the gemstone dealer only sells natural gemstones. Large, commercial gem dealers that have thousands of stones in stock usually deal with treated, poor quality gemstones. Our gemstones are not processed or treated in any way, retaining their highest value and quality.
  • Services Offered: Look into what type of services the dealer offers. A great dealer will not only sell you gemstones, but also offer other services for your benefit. Setting stones into jewelry, selling raw or cut stones, and ordering rare stones upon request are a few services a dealer may provide.
  • Reputable Payment Options: Accepting payments only through wire transfer or money order should raise some red flags. A trustworthy dealer will accept major credit cards or payments through PayPal, offering you a more secure method of payment.