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Emerald BirthstonesIf you have the good fortune of celebrating your birthday in May, you know what a wonderful month it is.  May is the time when the sun shines brighter, the birds seem to sing louder and the flowers begin to bloom.  All things considered, it is the time of year when spring appears to be in full swing.  While all of these are pleasant reasons to be happy about having a May birthday, another fantastic thing about being born in May is that you get an emerald as your birthstone.

Ever since the 15th Century, emerald birthstones have been used for the month of May.  Over the years, as jewelers have tried to standardize birthstones, emerald birthstones have remained the choice for May.  This choice has remained constant over cultures, as well, being the choice for both Hindu and English societies.  Perhaps this is due to the beautiful green hue of emerald birthstones, which seems to signify that they belong to a month where green can be seen in the leaves of the trees, stems of flowers and blades of grass.  In Egyptian culture, emerald birthstones were symbols of fertility and rebirth, while modern culture has associated them with good fortune and foresight.  Regardless of whether or not you believe that your birthstone can influence the events of your life, emerald birthstones are alluring and create beautiful pieces of jewelry, giving you an excuse to wear them every day.

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