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Birthstones and Their MeaningsWearing birthstones is not a new trend–their popularity goes back centuries. Birthstones are a way that people are able to express themselves, an outward show of something that defines who they are, when they were born, and certain characteristics that may be most prominent in their personalities. Wearing birthstone jewelry is also a subdued way of reminding everyone of your birthday. Wearing the birthstones of your children is also popular, and some overly zealous parents plan to conceive on a schedule, hoping their children are born in the month of their favorite gemstone.
Birthstones and Their Meanings

Each month of the year has a certain gemstone assigned to it and each birthstone has a meaning. Here is a list put out by the National Association of Jewelers in 1952:

  • January- Garnet:  Health, love and constancy
  • February- Amethyst: Peace, temperance and serenity
  • March- Aquamarine: Good health, youth and love
  • April- Diamond: Eternal love and invincibility
  • May- Emerald: Health and fertility
  • June- Pearl: Chastity and modesty
  • July- Ruby: Harmony and strength of character
  • August- Peridot: Spirituality and lightness.
  • September- Sapphire: Dignity, loyalty and wisdom
  • October- Opal: Creativity and innocence
  • November- Topaz: Strength and healing
  • December- Turquoise: Health and fortune

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