The connection to water with aquamarine meant something to mystics as well

When it comes to gemstones, you will find that many of their sources are steeped in folklore and superstition. Not only are so many of these stones thought to come from the gods, as in many Greek origin stories, but many of them are also thought to have special powers that could protect the wearer of these stones from certain dangers or diseases. One of these stones is aquamarine, a beautiful, light blue-colored stone that mimics the sea or sky.

Because of the coloring of aquamarine, this clear-to-pale-blue stone was often thought to be of great protection for sailors or travelers. The connection to water with aquamarine meant something to mystics as well, who would use it for fortune-telling purposes, even believing aquamarine to make a superior crystal ball for gazing into the future. The Romans thought that if they possessed an aquamarine stone with the symbol of a frog engraved on the stone, it could help them should they meet an enemy.

There are many reasons why people would hold their aquamarine stones dearly, but one of which might be of use to you today! Aquamarine is thought to give people level heads and clear consciousness while also aiding you in your procrastination tendencies. While this may or may not be helpful to you, we here at Mosteller Diamonds & Gemstones think that there’s no harm in trying it! To learn more about the aquamarine stones that we have or about the stone itself, please contact us here today.