Amethysts have always been a symbol of wealth and protective powers

There is a lot of folklore and legend that surrounds the color purple. From ancient times until now, the color purple is associated with luxury, royalty and even magical properties. It is no wonder then, that amethysts, whose color can vary from blues to deep purples, have some of the same folklore and properties surrounding these strong and lovely gems.

The birthstone for February babies, amethysts are as rich in history as their color signifies. Amethysts have always been a symbol of wealth and protective powers from the times of the ancient Greeks to medieval Christian times even into now. It’s said that a person who wears amethysts will be calm, clear-headed, brave, wealthy and protected from evil as well as in battle.

The word “amethyst” is Greek in origin, meaning sober. It was fabled that someone who possessed amethysts would remain clear and level-headed even while drinking and that if you were to drink from a goblet made from this material, you would remain sober!

Amethysts, with their deep purple colors, are not surprisingly favorites of royalty who would have favored the color purple and all its royal symbolism. Because of this symbolism, it is not surprising to learn that the Crown Jewels, some of the most famous jewels in the world, have amethysts included. Russian ruler Catherine the Great is even have said to have favored amethysts. 

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