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Amethyst JewelryWhen buying amethyst (the February birthstone), light is an extremely important factor. The manner in which wavelengths of light catch the human eye determines how we will perceive that light. The way waves of light strike an amethyst is also affected by how the stone is cut.

It’s up to the cutter to cut it in such a way that the stone will allow the maximum amount of light to enter it and then return back through the top to reach the human eye. The more light there is, the more brilliant amethyst jewelry will look. Thanks to computers and modern technology, gem cutters can now review their work to ensure that a specific design will reflect light from the top of the stone.

But it’s not just light that makes amethyst jewelry so special. This birthstone has been linked to many legends, myths and stories through the centuries. Since the color of royalty is purple, it is symbolic of royalty, and anyone wearing this beautiful gemstone will certainly feel like royalty! In stark contrast, its name originates from the word “amethystos” which means “not drunk” in Greek, so it has long been considered a curative for drunkenness!

One thing is for sure – with its gorgeous blend of red and purple, amethyst jewelry is guaranteed to turn heads.

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