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amethyst birthstonesMany people are familiar with birthstones and the fact that each month signifies different qualities about a person. There is also much history behind the legends surrounding birthstones, and whether they have healing powers or not.

Birthstones can signify a number of different qualities. For example, February’s birthstone is amethyst, which is thought to signify quick wit and a clear head. In addition to the qualities someone born in the month of February may exhibit, there may actually be many other benefits to keeping amethyst near the body. Amethyst birthstones are widely seen as gems that are great for detoxification and possibly other health benefits, as well.

The root of the possible healing powers of amethyst birthstones is thought to come from the small magnetic fields that are detectable around the gem. While research is still being done to determine the validity of these health benefits, some studies have shown that amethyst gives off a very low level of heat, which then may help calm the body and benefit your sleep cycle. Research is also being done to determine whether amethyst birthstones help with blood circulation, mood support, and fighting bacteria.

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