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Natural Gem StonesThe value of natural gem stones depends on a variety of different factors, such as rarity, quality, setting, and in some cases, politics. If you’re on the hunt for rare and natural gem stones, here are four of the world’s most valuable.

  1. Tanzanite – Tanzanite is a gem found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. This bluish-purple stone may become completely mined out within the next 20 to 30 years, making it one of the most valuable natural gem stones available.
  2. Black Opal – The rarest type of opal, black opal is the national gem stone of Australia. Although these gems have a dark overall appearance, they are known for the array of different colors that are splashed over their surface.
  3. Alexandrite – This gem is named for Tsar Alexander II of Russia. For a while, it was believed that mines of this yellowish gem stone were completely depleted. However, deposits of Alexandrite in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa have recently been found, putting this gem back on the market.
  4. Jadeite – Although Jadeite is often confused with the gem stone Jade, Jadeite is considerably more rare and valuable. Generally found in Myanmar, these natural gem stones are known for their deep, translucent green color. In 1997, an auction house sold a Jadeite necklace for almost $10 million.

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