topaz stones are given for anniversaries

Topaz is a gem that gets its name from a few different sources, some Greek in origin. It is fitting that this particular gem has multiple origin stories for its name, since topaz has so many different features and varieties to the gem itself! Because topaz stones are given for anniversaries and are also thought to be a lover’s stone, you might want to consider a few things before choosing one (or more) for your special someone. Here at Mosteller Diamonds & Gemstones, here are a few things you might like to know.

  1. Topaz comes in many colors. Many gemstones stray from their “typical” coloring, but perhaps none more so than topaz. Topaz can be colorless and sometimes indistinguishable to the layman from a diamond. Other colors include varieties of blue, green, brown, pink, and yellow.
  2. Topaz can be radioactive! Some colors of topaz (blue, green and yellow usually) are more valuable than others. At some point in history, someone discovered you can change the color of topaz with either heat-treatment or gamma rays. This means that you can have radioactive topaz! In the U.S., stones must be tested for radioactivity, so don’t worry about your purchasing powers if you are buying in the United States.
  3. Uncut topaz crystals need to be handled with care. When choosing uncut topaz, make sure you find a jeweler who is experienced in working with the stone, since it cleaves easily and can crack when handled improperly.

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