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Free Appraisal with Gemstone Purchase

Get a free appraisal with your gemstone or gemstone jewelry purchase!

Free Appraisal with Gemstone PurchaseAppraisals are an important part of buying jewellery and precious stones. A fair and accurate appraisal can help you understand the value of your purchase and establish a value for insurance against loss or theft.

You would want to take your stone to get it appraised anyway, but Mosteller American Gemstones will include your appraisal for free to give you peace of mind. Appraisals done by an unbiased third party.

Appraisal Covers:
• Color Index              • Clarity Grade        • Weight (in Carats)
• Refractive Index      • Hardness              • Facet Shape
• Pacific Gravity         • Facet Quality        • Chemical Composition

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Free Appraisal with Gemstone Purchase

*Minimum $200 purchase.

Free Appraisal